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Electrical testing is the act of applying a voltage or current to a circuit and comparing the measured value to an expected result. Testing is the only way to detect manufacturing flaws that jeopardize a product's electrical safety. Electrical safety testing protects against the risk of electrical shock, allowing products to be used for their intended purpose with the least risk of injury.

When electrical power is applied, an electrical test evaluates a component's parametric, functional, or timing performance. Electrical tests are carried out by passing voltage and current through the element and observing its voltage and current responses.

Electrical safety testing is required to ensure that any product or establishment that uses electricity operates safely. An electrical product must comply with safety standards developed by standard agencies such as BIS, UL, and others. Testing your products in an electrical testing laboratory ensures that they meet all applicable standards and regulations.

To meet standard requirements, the product must pass electrical safety tests such as:

  • High voltage test (Dielectric voltage-withstand test or high potential test)
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Ground (Earth) Bond and Ground Continuity Test
  • Leakage Current Test
  • Earth Leakage Current Test
  • Enclosure Leakage Current Test