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Biological test methods are standardized experiments that determine the toxicity of a substance or material by evaluating its effect on living organisms. Biological testing is testing of a biological nature, which includes testing the efficacy of preservatives and other biocides and the determination of material resistance to microorganisms.

Microorganism research has become increasingly important, particularly in the food industry, due to its ability to spoil food and cause pathogenic reactions in humans and animals. Water, foods and feeds, non-food items, and other industrial products may all be microbiologically tested.

Biological testing is classified based on the type of samples tested, which is then further defined by the specific tests performed and the test method or technique employed.

The following are examples of commonly biological test classes:

  • Microbiological media
  • Plant health
  • Production environments and hygiene
  • Waters
  • Veterinary diagnostic testing (animal health)
  • Drugs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.
  • Foods
  • Molecular biology

The current emphasis on ensuring microbiological safety necessitates the use of accredited laboratories to ensure the reliability of test results for global acceptance.

NCRT provides biological testing services to support clients. We have the ability to meet the needs of our clients. We offer a full range of biological testing services for water, animal feeds, edible oils, agricultural and food products, and organic foods in accordance with Indian and international standards.